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Many couples crumble under the pressure of having to make one night the best, most romantic, awe-inspiring day. My husband and myself included: Valentine’s 2013 – ended in disappointment, hunger, and to top it all off, an expensive restaurant bill. It was insanely stressful, because we thought it had to be the best night of our lives, which inevitably puts too much pressure, and may end in frustration and possibly tears. 



When I was single, I had the best time on Valentine’s Day. My best friends and I would go out to a fancy dinner or have a party, and it was always relaxing, fun, and stress-free. Yes, of course there were times when I was a little down that I didn’t have someone special. But that wasn’t exclusive to Valentine’s Day, so don’t make Valentine’s Day this ominous, looming event. If you are in a couple, there is no need to make ONE night the end all be all. Here are five tips on how to celebrate Valentine’s Day like a single person, and have a tension free holiday!

1. Gather those you love, and celebrate being alive

Most singles celebrate life and all things good going for them on Valentine’s Day, and so should you! Most likely, Valentine’s Day is not the only date night you have had all year. Make every date night one to remember by doing something thoughtful and special, also, put your cell phones away. If you can make date night something special, it takes some pressure off of Valentine’s Day. Spend Valentine’s Day with friends, in couples or not. Cook a big meal or have a Valentine’s Potluck. One of the best Valentine’s Day parties I ever went to was thrown by my friend Mallory and it was couples and singles combined. We played games that made us share small secrets about ourselves, won risque prizes, and said f* you to a hyper tense V-day, it was wonderful.

2. Treat yourself

Get a massage, facial, or pedicures together. I can’t afford a $300 couples massage either, but I can afford to go to the local massage school and get a couples massage (usually around $30/person). Just Google: Massage School (Your Location). It may not be as fancy, smell like eucalyptus, or have cuddly robes, but it is just as RELAXING. Isn’t that all that matters?

3. Take a Trip

Whether you go across the ocean or across the county line, do something out of the ordinary to remind yourself that you are still young at heart and ready for adventure.

Go for a wine or spirits tasting at nearby vineyard or distillery, they are popping up all over the place. For example, we have a wine trail in Tennessee and a bourbon trail in Kentucky. You don’t have to go to Sonoma to have fun.

Take a little road trip and go for a winter hike and end it with hot cocoa at a coffee shop or pack some in a thermos. For some, being spontaneous is adventure enough, and it’s important to do something that takes you out of your normal routine or comfort zone. Many singles go out dancing and go wild to celebrate life on Valentine’s Day, but that isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Tailor your adventure to your liking, but make sure it is something new, different, and makes you happy.

4. Eat Well

I love eating out, but do it rarely due to eating gluten free and mostly grain free. I love being able to go to a local restaurant with great reviews and savor the experience. The best best for paleo, grain-free folks is going to be a farm-to-table restaurant or a meat-centric establishment. For me, the house made charcuterie plate with the local menu or make a decadent meal at home. Do you want to sip wine with your inch-thick steak, this is the night -whether at home or out. Don’t waste this day eating drugstore chocolate hearts.

5. If all else fails, make or eat anything with bacon or dark chocolate. 


Make this recipe, here, from The Spunky Coconut.

vosges bacon chocolate bars


Pick up some chocolate bars with bacon, here.