shave soap 2

When it was time to think of gifts for my family for Christmas last year, I knew I wanted to make something for them. One, because I wanted to give something natural and maybe provide a new experience for many, and two, because I knew that buying gifts for both sides of the family was not cost effective for us. I have always been nostalgic for yesteryear traditions and practices, and the idea of making a vintage shave kit for each male sounded fun and it would something that most men do not own already. I went about experimenting, and the recipe below was the keeper. Of the men that began to use it after the holidays, they were happy and pleased with the rich lather and after-feel of the shave. If you are thinking of an idea for man-gifts, this one was definitely a winner. I hope you can bring a little old barber shop back into your bathrooms, too!


I guest posted this on my sister’s blog. To see the full post and instructions on Grass Fed Girl, click here.