I always get freaked out by mystery ingredients and labels that I cannot understand on food, household products, etc. So, in further efforts to detoxify the house, I started making my own non-toxic laundry soap about a year ago, and it actually works! I do think using a good castile-soap is the key to de-greasing your laundry. This is especially useful for our kitchen laundry as we don’t use paper towels but dish cloths that we wash weekly. I love this soap because it’s simple, lasts a long time, you can buy the supplies in bulk to save even more money, plus, you know exactly what is in your laundry soap. This also makes it easier if you are trying to figure out a rash or skin irritation, then you will be able to rule out possible irritants fast considering it is only three ingredients. Borax is a very safe, natural ingredient, but some people can have mild irritations from it’s use. If you know your skin is irritated by Borax already, I have added a Borax Free recipe also. Happy Cleaning!

Three Ingredient DIY Laundry Powder


  1. Mix all of the ingredients together except the essential oil. Add the essential oils slowly at the end, mixing as you drop it in. Put in an airtight container. I personally use an old Tropical Traditions coconut oil tub.
  2. Use about 1 tbsp. per load or 2-3 tbsp. for heavily soiled items.

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