Mediterranean Paleo Cooking Book Review

Tuesday, October 28th, a Paleo cookbook will be coming out that will infuse your grain-free kitchen with even more eclectic flavors. Mediterranean Paleo Cooking is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I have seen. The photography is exciting and enticing as it moves through the various coastal dishes from the region. The cover alone feels like you are invited to a home-cooked meal on a veranda overlooking the Mediterranean Sea.

First Recipe I Made


I first cracked open the book and fell in love with this picture on page 347. First off, I love figs (retired die-hard Fig Newton fan), and I love brownies. The mixture of the two sounded like great twist to make Paleo brownies moist and give it a slight edge. They were wonderful! The addition of the figs added moisture and a light crunch with the tiny seeds. I loved them! And I have made them twice since getting a preview of the book for co-workers and family. They were all enthused with the yummy addition of the figs and all commented on the chewy, moist texture that was so satisfying in this treat. It is recipes like this that made me fall in love with Caitlin, Nabil, and Diane’s cookbook even more. The different combinations of flavors and their final product make you want to crack open the cookbook every day for inspiration.

Attention to Detail

Caitlin Weeks is my sister and Nabil Boumrar is my brother-in-law and I have taste tested many of the recipes, especially when they were working on the FODMAPS and AIP modifications. I was still amazed at how delicious the food was, and the care they took to really try to modify the recipes without losing the integrity of the dish. Just in the pizza category, they have created a nut-free, a low-carb, an almond flour, a sunflower seed, a cashew flour, and an AIP crust. All of the recipes and modications for any kind of paleo pizza you are trying to cook either for your taste or in consideration of your current diet or avoidance. I have never been one for dairy-free pizza, I mean what’s the point, but after tasting some of the combinations Nabil, Caitlin, and Diane put together, I was sold. My favorites are the Black Olive and Carmelized Onion pizza and the Mint Pesto Pizza, both detailed on page 168 of the cookbook.


When I look at the pages in the book, all I want to do is run out to the market and start cooking!


I am so excited and so proud of all of the authors of Mediterranean Paleo Cooking that I am giving away another copy of the book, along with some Organic Za’atar Seasoning so you can get a head start on making their incredible recipe for Za’atar and Garlic Roasted Duck (page 208) or their Za’atar Brick Chicken (page 216). The GIVEAWAY starts at 12am on October 27 and ends at 12am on November 5th. To enter the GIVEAWAY for the book and Organic Za’atar Seasoning, click here to go to the Rafflecopter giveaway or check out my facebook page, click here.