I have grown up in Nashville and being a food-lover, I have been delighted to see the food scene in the area grow on all fronts. I use to be in awe of Asheville, NC because the area has bustling producer-only markets almost every day of the week, and now in 2014, Nashville has the same. Almost any day of the week, there is a market where you can buy local eggs, meat, and veggies for you and maybe share with your family. They have worked hard to make parking simple, playgrounds handy for the kids, and shady spots for relaxing in the sometimes face-melting heat of a Tennessee summer. Some of my favorite memories when I was a child was buying corn with my Mom from a farmer off the back of a truck, getting a bushel of lima beans for a year of weeknight dinners, and eating that first ripened peach of summer at the market Downtown. There are so many options now, and here are some of my favorites.

Nashville Farmers Market, Downtown at Bicentennial Mall

Website: http://nashvillefarmersmarket.org/

About this Market: Open everyday 8am-6pm. This is Nashville’s original farmers market in downtown Nashville, in the shadow of the state capitol building. There are three large sections: one called “Farm Sheds” is for produce and plants and direct sales from farmers, the middle “Market House” is the food court in the and artisan food makers, and the other third is a flea market. It is open 7 days a week, but weekends are the best time to meet and buy from local farmers. The summer is the best time for local produce. The pillars in the farmers market section are labeled to let you know which food stands are “direct sales” (straight from the farmer) and which are not, but I can’t remember what the non-direct sales are labeled. You will know them because it looks like the supermarket produce section, lots of out of season produce.

night market banner

Highlights: This is the most diverse market in demographics, pricing, and choice. Lots of international and regional foods in the middle “Market House Restaurants & Shops” section, along with cutsie food vendors like OMG That’s Gluten Free  and The Nashville Jam Company. I love this market because you can pretty much buy anything and everything you need for the week from local, grass fed cream and milk from JD Country Milk (still in glass bottles, love them), to amazing grass fed beef, pastured chicken, pastured pork, and pastured eggs from Walnut Hills, (see below), spices for your Indian cooking venture, international teas, local honey, and cheese. Plus, they have a great event called Night Market which is nice event with wine for sale, local vendors giving samples, and usually music or entertainment, all free!!

Walnut Hills Farm

doug and sue walnut hills

Doug and Sue Bagwell from Walnut HIlls Farm

I love Doug and Sue, they are the farmers at Walnut Hills and they are super friendly, patient with questions, and love building relationships with their customers. I have bought meat from them from beef hearts to a quarter cow. They are my favorite for meat and eggs. They have 100% pasture raised chickens, pork, and beef. They are out there every weekend in the sun or freezing weather selling you their meat and eggs. The meat is dry aged and so tasty and tender. My favorite farm!!

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