If you are like me, you may be a budget real-foodie and trying to find ways to stretch your grass-fed meats. I have found that when it comes to rare cuts of meat, I like to get fancy. I feel like I’m a five-star chef whipping up the next big thing using the tongue for authentic lengua tacos, or creating the smoothest pate for a party. Plus, fancy is all in the name. Oxtail Bourguignon is really just a fancy name for slow cooked meat stew. It originates from the Burgundy region of France, hence the name. When I’m not in Spanish teacher mode, I am a Francophile. I have been ever since I spent a summer milking goats, getting attacked by fleas (from the goats), and between milkings hiking along the ridge top of the mountains outside of Vence, France. It was the best summer ever, even with the flea bites. Making food with French flair or French techniques, makes my heart happy.

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